Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About information leakage prevention

The Gartner company had published very interesting report about market of content monitoring and filtering/data loss prevention products. Gartner point, that currently this market is small, but it should grow up to $120-150 million in current year.
Currently in this branch (by the version of Gartner), there are 3 leading companies - Websense (after acquiring of PortAuthority), Vontu and Vericept. Many providers of content filtering solutions (Clearswift, Secure Computing, etc.) was excluded from the analysis, as their products doesn't has a required functions - absence of data collection and static analysis, limited capabilities for the filtering of outgoing traffic, no common subsystem for defining and controlling filtering policies.
It's interesting to mention, that many of things, described in this report - collecting and classification of information, linguistic analysis, etc, already was described by me as the things, that will needed for future development of the content filtering systems. I'll continue analysis of data, and will write about the results in this blog.

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