Wednesday, September 27, 2006

information interception

last time, many russian customers (and also customers from other countries) ask us about solutions to intercept internet traffic (web, mail, im, voip). Some of them also want to use this system together with usual phones interception systems.
As i know, in Russia exists some systems, that implement this in some way. But no one do interception of all types of traffic. And we, also trying to play in this game - we has several approaches to this, all based on out MailBoss product, combined with different sniffers and dissectors for various protocols, that produce mail like messages and send them into MailBoss, that do text & datatype detection, and process it with different filtering rules.
But interception of full traffic, has different disadvantages - we need to store anormal amount in information, and we can't use usual relational database to do this. So, currently i thinking about implementing something like data storage, used by web search systems.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Content filtering vendors consolidation?

Looking back to the summer's time, i think that security products vendors are started big consolidation process. What we'll have from this process - improved products, that cover all aspects of content-filtering and security, or not? Or they just to trying increase their market share?
I hope, that they go first way, not second ;-)
But i also hope, that not only market share will main decision for customers, and also will select products by they functionality

WebBoss again

We had started development of a new version of our WebBoss (aka SKVT) software. In this version we'll provide following features:
- conditions on HTTP commands, quota's and much more ;-)
- integration with ISS & NetStar URL databases
- authentification of users by IP & MAC addresses
- storing POST's data in database archive
- replace objects with given data
- new web-based interface with heavy use of Ajax
We has too little time to implement this (until the end of the year), but we'll do this!