Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New version of SmartFilter

Secure Computing Corp. had announced new version of SmartFilter - url-filtering product. In new version was integrated TrustedSource technology, that improve quality of checking, by using feedback from installed products, that also integrate this technology.

New product for content-filtering in Web 2.0 world

Week ago Websense unveils new, sixth version of their data leak prevention product - Websense Content Protection Suite. In new version, was extended functions of data classification, that is very useful for sites, that actively use Web 2.0 technologies - content syndication, dynamic page generation, etc.
By using this product, Websense confirm conclusions from the Gartner's report on Content filtering and data loss prevention. Acquisition of Port Authority made a positive influence on product line of Websense.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Google will active player?

Today Google had announced the Safe Browsing API, that allow external developers to use database of phishing & malware resources. As example, they show plugin for Firefox web-browser, that check addresses against this database.
Such active deployment of their technologies, could make Google very serious player on the market of content-filtering and information security. Companies, that sell url categorization databases, may loss part of their income.
It will be interesting to implement plugin, that will use this API in open-source projects, such as, Squid or Dansguardian.