Friday, July 28, 2006

ahhh, another acquision

In start of July SonicWall had acquered MailFrontier company with their e-mail security products

continue to read google alerts

found an article, in that says, that content-filtering products must make real-time analysis, and don't use pre-defined URL databases. We always use real-time analysis in our products (first product was offered to customers 6 years ago).
There are many approaches to the real-time analysis. Some of them use statistical approach, some of them use genetic analysis technics. Statistical techniques are simple to implement, but powerfull, while genetic is more precise, but harder to implement.

another acquision

Had found other news about acquision in security market - SurfControl had buyed BlackSpider -- provider of managed security services.
Interesting news, but who will next? How many companies will acquered by market leaders?

acquisions in security market

Only today, i had found news, that Secure Computing acquired CipherTrust. This acquision will bring Secure Computing to the higher level of secure information management. Secure Computing had acquired Cyberguard about year ago, with it good web-filtering products. And now, Secure Computing got good mail-filtering products.
I'll need to evaluate their products in near future, to see how they compose together products from different vendors

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

new version of WebBoss almost ready

I'm pleased to announce, that we almost ready to release a new minor version of our web-filtering product WebBoss. In new version we had increase speed of data processing and robustness of system

Monday, July 17, 2006

URL's categorisation

Currently our company is on finish line in process of agreement on inclusion of ISS (Cobion) URL database in our web-filtering product. ISS provide good coverage of Internet, working in many languages. One problem is - we need to integrate ISS's categories into our category list.
There are no standard categories, that will be supported by all URL's categories vendors, so i need to map ISS categories into our categories. And there are many such things.
In near future i'll integrate URL list from another vendor, and also will write mapping between their and our categories.