Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google start to work in information security branch

Several days ago Google had acquired a startup, that provide solution for malware detection. To reflect works in this branch, was opened a new blog - Google Online Security Blog..
Entering of web-search companies to the market of information security, could has a big impact for the development of new content filtering systems - from using collected information to form a URLs databases and/or databases for online data categorization, to development of new methods of data filtering.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New image spam method

Secure Computing point in article, that spammers has a new method for deploying spam - instead of putting image directly in mail message, their upload images to the well-known photo hosting sites, and put in mail message only link to the spam picture.
This technique is too hard to detect, and currently nobody can to solve this problem. Only way to fight with this approach - detect networks of compromised computers, and block all messages from them

new product for data loss prevention

On the market of data loss prevention appear a new product fromMcAfee Inc. - McAfee Data Loss Prevention.
I need to mentionm that this product control both network data (email,P2P, IM, Skype, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP) - with centralized proxy-server, and desktop data (Wi-Fi, USB, CD, DVD, printers, fax and removable devices) - with special desktop agent. Agents and proxy server could be installed separately, depending on the organization needs.
Main platform for the products - Windows. All gathered data are stored in the MS SQL Server.